The thing about emails is this:

They were invented to help convey relevant messages to so many people at a time. They were made to cut short the wait.

But a new problem emerged along with the creation of the Electronic mail.

(Direct marketing has been around for so many years; the term was actually coined in 1958).

The problem that emerged with Email is ANXIETY.


When writing emails to your customers, clients, and pen pals you might be already thinking of the returns (reply, sales, sign-ups…) that you’re likely to get from THEM.

This ANXIETY is translated into the email you’re writing and you MAY “not” see that you’ve begun obsessing about yourself; and that’s the first step to writing an email that would get discarded.

When writing to an audience you must write for the audience or else the audience will write you off. So how do you write emails that get opened?

I really want to say a catchy HEADLINE but that doesn’t quite cut it. You want a Headline that will spell: Important, relevant, and “worth my time”.

Take for instance:

You have been working on a new collection for your Fashion store and finally its ready for advertising or you’re trying to generate more leads to grow your business.

You have a list, you have the products and you’re really excited about the ideas that you have running through your head and you open up your laptop and start an Email with this kind of headline:


OK! That headline isn’t strictly terrible depending on what XXX is and who you’re selling XXX to; but I wouldn’t open that email if I got that from a total stranger no matter what XXX is. Would you?

Your headline should never sell the product. Your headline should only get the attention you so desperately need to carry on.

The headline is designed not written (if that helps you to understand it better). So take a look at all the headlines you’ve written before (appreciate them but…) start designing Headlines and watch how it converts.

It’s work but that’s why it yields so much. Get rid of ANXIETY (Remain calm) and start expecting less even when you’ve done so much. Start having conversations even in your headlines.

That’s how you write an email that gets opened and…

Author: Uchenna Bede

I write email copy for startups. In order to boost sales.

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