(Dear XXXX

There’s something I’ve learned in the past few days. People are never who they say they are.

It’s crazy!

I depended so much on words that I started taking them literally. People are never ever who they say they are.

And it’s really crazy!

I discovered this in this in the story of how these two friends of mine fell for the scam of their lifetime.’

It went like this…)

Did you get carried away by any chance while reading the above text? I was actually going to tell an amazing story but…

You see…people buy your words (the more reliable, and valuable they are the more money you make) so crafting your message to create rapport in your customers mentally is imperative to email marketing success.

Creating rapport in text can be tricky if you’re new to it, but, all it involves is writing the way you would normally speak to your best friend.


The irresistible offer is something that can’t be turned down (simply put). The irresistible offer is kind, considerate and valuable at the same time.

I talked earlier about creating rapport in text (that’s because you want your customers feeling like they’ve known you) and it’s critical in crafting the irresistible offer.

Story telling can be very helpful. In fact it just might be the most helpful tool in grabbing the attention of your customers and turning it into a conversation as long as it is relevant.


According to Mark Joyner the Irresistible offer is an identity building offer central to a product or company where the believable return on investment is communicated so clearly and efficiently that it’s immediately apparent you’d have to be a fool to pass it up.

The Irresistible offer must be CLEAR and it must be told as EFFICIENTLY as possible.

What should you be telling?

You should be telling how what you’re offering would change their lives for the better. Jason Capital “America’s Honest Success Coach” and Top 100 entrepreneur recognized by the white house says that your offer should sell positive change not just improvement (and that would really contribute to making an offer truly Irresistible)

We are always looking for something that would make life better for us (but we also like to be cajoled).

Sometimes you put in all your time as an entrepreneur into developing an amazing product but you flop in communicating the value you’ve created (clearly enough).

If that’s YOU you’re leaving money on the table!

So what are the elements of a truly Irresistible offer?

Mark Joyner said:

The Irresistible offer is composed of these three elements:


HIGH ROI OFFER: (At the heart of business is the offer)!

Fundamentally business involves exchange of value. With a potentially low return on investment, your offer is weak. And you rob yourself of marketing a truly Irresistible offer. (There’s no use in moving forward).


TOUCHSTONE: A touchstone is a statement that addresses as many of the following points as possible.

  • Here’s what we’re selling
  • Here’s how much it will cost
  • Here’s what’s in it for you
  • Here’s why you should trust us.

A touchstone takes the prospect by the hand and makes him feel what he would stand to lose if he passes up your offer. You must have a mix of emotions in your communication.

Your communication must be clear, simple and brief ELSE you lose.


BELIEVABILITY: As much as possible make it easy for your prospects to believe you. No matter how good your touchstone is, you have to back it up (with proof, credibility, endorsements, high-profile clients, Qualifications, Awards and recognitions).

Incorporating these elements into your messaging would make it a whole lot easier for your business to make sales and grow.

So in essence people buy your stories…

Pretty easy right? Can you craft a tale that’s worthy of reading? Actually anyone can. All you have to do is tell it: Clearly, simply, and as briefly as possible!

KNOW that you shouldn’t compromise valuable information for brevity regardless of how you feel. Because your customers have questions lying in their heads (Is this real? Is this for me? What do I need to do?) from the moment you begin telling them about your offer.

And rightly so, because in the modern age, everyone is bombarded with Ads (Facebook ads, Google ads, Email ads, Billboards) everywhere and worse is there are a lot of them that aren’t trustworthy.

The messaging of an Irresistible offer must address all objections even before your prospects know about them:

  • What we have.
  • What it would do for you.
  • Why you can trust us to deliver.
  • What you get.
  • How you can get it.

Take for example the Black Friday craze.

  • They have massive discounts (best deals all year)
  • It helps you save more money
  • Everyone is doing it
  • You get the best deals all year
  • You can get it if you can make it to their stores before everyone else.

In 2016 there were 101.7 million people who came through for black Friday.

Black Friday to most people isn’t worth passing up. And lines upon lines will pile up in front of stores, websites reach record traffic points on the day of the deal. Black Friday is an Irresistible offer. The stats state how irresistible it is.

Craft an offer as compelling as Black Friday and Make more money as you win more loyal customers.


We receive dozens of Ads every day, in our inbox, Facebook feed, Google feed. They are so much that we have learned to simply tune out the noise.

You have 3 seconds or less to grab and hold the attention of your prospects.

Therefore crafting an irresistible offer has never been more important.

Author: Uchenna Bede

I write email copy for startups. In order to boost sales.

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