Cold emails can be really stressful to write and really annoying to read when you’re on the receiving end. It works sometimes but most times it’s really intrusive.

I’ve sent thousands of cold emails, and if there’s one thing that I’ve learned it’s that it is required more than anything else to build trust in the first three seconds of opening.

I wrote in one of my previous blog posts (how to write an email that gets opened) about the importance of PERSONALIZATION and AUTHENTICITY. It is of more importance where you’re writing cold emails.

Personalization may get them to open your email, maybe even read a couple of lines, but the moment it clicks that you’re a stranger, they begin to get skeptical. And that may or may not be a good thing depending on what you do next.

You need your email to not just be opened and read, you need to lead them somewhere (website, landing page, sales page etc.). But no one would do what a stranger says unless: You come across as AUTHENTIC as you possibly can be.

Really you can’t fake authenticity even if you tried. So your mission is to be clear, get the message across the best you can, and if they see the relevance in the message you sent, they’ll take action on it. People do business with people who they like, know and trust.

Your click through rate would likely go up a whole 200% if you deliver your message as clear, concise, and compelling as possible.

What makes a message clear concise and compelling?

Don’t learn TRICKS. If it isn’t simple, it won’t work. Remember that. The whole point for sending a message across is to get the message across. Nothing more.

A message that is CLEAR isn’t difficult for a reader to digest. It is written in simple words (If you’re a reader, forget about all the words you have stocked up in your vocabulary and speak in simple everyday English). You don’t want your reader looking up words in the dictionary just to read an email.

A message that is CONCISE is short. Emails are hardly the place for blocks upon blocks of texts. Nobody is going to read that. Once you’ve put all the important details, strive to remove every other thing.

A message that is COMPELLING does what it was designed to do. Don’t send an email without a call to action. Think about it: You receive an email from a stranger and he tells you the sweet words you’ve been dying to hear but leaves out the most question unanswered how do I get this? I don’t know about you but don’t raise my hopes and dash it.

Email marketing is booming, so don’t let irresponsible emails, make you lose your money.

Author: Uchenna Bede

I write email copy for startups. In order to boost sales.

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