What makes these little things matter?

Sometimes as I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things… I am tempted to think… there are no little things.

–Bruce Barton.


Isn’t amazing how the Alphabet has 26 letters, and countless of words?

Isn’t it amazing how the largest things on earth are made up of Atoms?

Isn’t it amazing that the mighty ocean is comprised of droplets?

It is amazing!

What makes little things so powerful?

I don’t think there’s a simple answer, as it isn’t a simple question.

But I do know that the things that are often neglected, begin to grow negatively, and make a negative impact.

As it concerns us here at bedecopywriting, It’s work on your copy.

Do not neglect your copy!

It’s the little thing that matters here.

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Author: Uchenna Bede

I write email copy for startups. In order to boost sales.

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