The problem in our society is far beyond terrorists and natural disasters. There is a big problem regarding what to choose and if it’s the right choice.

Every product has more and more brands competing for the market share. Day after day.

If you’re a business owner. Stop. Think about this for a second: They’re thousands of brands just like you spread across the globe, each sending out marketing messages to YOUR customers every day.

Besides working hard to develop your product, there’s only one thing that would cripple your market share.

It’s this:  Too many offers.

Yes. Too many offers. It’s crippling your conversion rate.

It’s tossing all your customers and profit to some other business that know how to make offers.

Before you make an offer, something must inspire you. And if nothing inspires you, it’s a selfish offer. Your message would scream that. So you want it clear in your message what inspired your offer.

(…because of crippling heat. I thought you might like cold drinks delivered to your doorstep, when you want.)

Doesn’t that sound like something your best friend would say? Exactly, you and you’re customers should be best friends.

Too many offers drop the value of your offers (maybe I’ll catch the next one). You begin to notice that after a couple offers the opening rate of your emails begin to drop. You might even start getting many unsubsriptions daily.


Now, sending one offer is awesome. But it’s not enough!

The best offers are designed. Meaning there are reviewed again and again. And here are components:

  • One product
  • One outcome (and couple others for the sake of weight)
  • One time only.

The product has to be good. The outcome incredible. And its availability, Limited.

Implement this in every of your campaigns even outside email marketing. Your customers would value you more than your competitors who are bombarding them with offers upon offers every single day

Take a break or two. Create and Sell.

I try to keep these short and helpful. Feel free to share with friends and family.

Author: Uchenna Bede

I write email copy for startups. In order to boost sales.

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