Steal These 4 Tips to Boost Your Open and Click through rates.

What are these 4 tips you speak about? (Is that what is going through your mind right now?)

Well good. Because; I am about to unleash the best kept secret copywriters and marketers use to make a ton of money on open and click through rates. So you can steal them.

Before I begin,

These tips revolve around the world of copy, they are tips, tricks, tactics that you can employ today to easily become a more proficient business owner.

I’ll tell you in a second. Pay attention:

What are the 4 Tips that YOU can steal Today to boost your click through rates and make more money as a result?


This here (intrigue); is a magic spell you can cast on anyone who reads your copy to immediately arouse curiosity.

I love the word (intrigue), it gets your heart pumping and blood flowing to the important parts of your subconscious.

Your imagination goes into auto-pilot the moment you give it the opportunity. And that’s exactly what you should do in your copy (Give the subconscious mind of your prospects the opportunity to fly. Free like a bird).

Intrigue and mystery and relevance entwined.

Subliminal Messaging:

This one is exactly what it is.

From the start of your copy (Email, Web page, Social media Caption), you want to introduce the big idea as subtly as possible. Subtly because;

If you reveal your big idea immediately, you won’t get the chance to drop your testimonials and case studies, before your readers decide what it is they’re going to do.

It can work to your advantage (if your product is what they have been looking for, for ages.) but copy is an art, don’t take a chance on art.

Reveal your big picture pixel, by pixel.

Generate Interest by Demonstrating Reward.

Ah! Interest. . .

This can be tricky; and you might want to leave it to the pros, or become a pro yourself.

Sun Tzu (Warrior philosopher) said; “What causes opponents to come of their own accord is the prospect of gain. What discourages opponents from coming is the prospects of harm.”

Use your blessing of a creative mind to substitute opponents for customers. Its ancient wisdom.

The challenge lies not in the knowledge but in its implementation. Take your time.

You can use tip #2 in combination with this tip #3 to work wonders. Subliminal messaging + direct relevance, generate interest.

Good Luck!

Move the reader from needing to wanting

As quickly as possible.

What do I mean by moving the reader from needing to wanting ;

You see,

By now, following the steps I’ve laid out for you, you must have the reader’s attention, possibly picked his interest.

So it’s time to go for the kill. Lol (Figuratively).

With your words alone, you have to lead them from being aware of you, to making the decision to buy from you.

You can do that by backing up your copy with proof, or bonuses. . .Your unique selling proposition.

But they should be moved.

Bonus Tip: Keep Your Subject line at a low count (50 Characters would Suffice)

Okay bonus tip;

Keep your subject line on the low side.

Assume your readers are going to be reading from a mobile device.

If they’re not, big ups. Your email gets the chance to be opened because of its concise nature. . .

. . . as long as it’s a relevant headline.


I believe in you.

God speed, and good luck!

Author: Uchenna Bede

I write email copy for startups. In order to boost sales.

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