6 Amazing Headline Formulas That Would INSTANTLY Get YOU More ATTENTION.

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Hey guys! Today I am pumped up. Headlines are a thing of joy for me, In fact they’re my favorite part of copywriting . . .

. . . Because being able to craft a good headline is power!

As usual our outlet for copy is email. But you can apply these formulas to virtually every other media outlet; social media, youtube . . . whatever it is, as long as you’re vying for attention you can get it with these 6 Headline Formulas today.

So lets begin:

6 Magnetic Headline Formulas: Get More Attention With These.

If you have somewhere to be, I’ll save your time. You can simply take a screenshot of the whole list below.

But if you want to soak up all the details about crafting a true attention getting headline; Keep scrolling, and stay tuned!

So here are the formulas listed:

  • Number * Adjective * Noun * Keyword * Reward
  • How to * Action * Keyword * Reward
  • Definition * Guide to * Action * Keyword * Reward
  • Positive word * Number * Noun * Keyword * Detail
  • Negative Word * Action * Keyword * Call to Action
  • Call to Action * Keyword * Reward

And here are the dets:

Number + Adjective + Noun + Keyword + Reward.

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Put a number before an adjective and a noun and insert your keyword word along with a reward.

E.g. 7 Beauty Hacks for Getting Rid of Acne Today.

Another: 65 Amazing Ways to show Affection to your lover and win their trust.

This formula is direct, it targets specific demographics of people. And that’s one of the reasons it’s so effective. Another reason is because it engages all parts of the brain (it is long and can only be read one word after the other. . . making sure the reader gets the point and is pulled in harder along the way with each new piece of information).

Try it today!

How to + Action + Keyword + Reward.

photo credit: blog.tuddytuddy.com

How tos are what the rage is about when you’re a newbie.

This headline formula targets newbies and works like a math genius on Algebra.

For example: How to  Approach Girls to and Nurture them for Marriage.

Another: How to Derive more Happiness and Live a Healthier life.

If you notice, one thing these headlines have in common is that they promise big.

Note: My saying promise big is not an endorsement for lies. All I’m saying is put out your biggest and best value proposition out there on the headline. This formula is a really good way to do it.

Definition + Guide to + Action + Keyword + Reward.

photo credit: liberaldictionary.com

When you describe what your guide can achieve to people who value it, and chip in a clear reward . . . you have yourself a terrific headline formula to draw from.

Similar to how tos, this headline also targets newbies in whatever industry you find yourself.

For example: An Easy Guide to Making Money Online Fast.

Another: A Dummy’s Guide to Email Marketing Mastery.

One thing all these headlines (those I have touched so far) have in common is that they all have a promise . . . I said it before, yes, but it’s so important.

When you begin to incorporate promises into the subject lines of your emails, you’d find success a lot easier to come by.

Positive word + Number + Noun + Keyword + Detail

photo credit: success.com

Great! Awesome! Superb! (That’s what you are) . . . and so much more.

Who doesn’t like positivity?

When you’re fighting your fears and you come across someone who is so full of confidence and does that which you fear without so much as a second thought, you admire him or her.

Positivity is a charm. And with this formula Ou la la.  Its wizardry.

Just lookie here: The Fastest 10 ways to Make Money Online. No Hassle.

Lookiee again: The Easiest 7 Tips and Tricks Ever for Attracting Hot Women.

These work so well. If you struggle with coming up with a headline. I recommend you try this out.

Negative Word + Action + Keyword + Call to Action

photo credit: blog.signpost.com

This Formula . . . is the nice looking sister of the previous formula.

He’s a wizard and she’s an enchantress.

This formula seeks to exploit the tendency to avoid trouble, errors, and opportunities to fail.

Example: Avoid 4 Common Mistakes in Your Emails and use these tricks Instead.

Another: Stop Being Afraid of Failure. Try this Technique.

Like any sister, this formula pulls in lots of admirers or clickers. Your links finally see the light of day (Like I am now, looking at the sunrise).

Try it out. Whenever. Today is best.

Call to Action + Keyword + Reward

photo credit: inboundnow.com

Do this . . . Here’s why it’s Important to you . . . You get this too Now.

This formula is really good when you’re talking to a really targeted group.

Here’s an example: Use this in Dating: Get the Woman of Your Dreams.

Another Example: Get this PDF on Email Marketing: Broaden Your Horizon and Succeed.

Like nothing else . . . this works! And is particularly suited to email subject lines because it’s really short and can be cut down very easily to less than 50 characters.


The one thing missing from this blogpost, that shouldn’t be missing in your strategy is YOU.

By that I mean, your ingenuity, your creativity, your personality, your uniqueness, your beauty, your awesome smile.

And I am not saying all these to garner likes . . .

Your list has to know you’re the sender just by looking at your headline. That and that alone is where you can truly unleash the true power of email copy.

God speed and good luck.

P.S.: Hey, this is 2020.

No one wants ads and lackluster emails in their inbox.

Can you please write better emails?


Please contact me . . . Today. Let’s give your autoresponders, broadcasts, and launches a makeover!

Author: Uchenna Bede

I write email copy for startups. In order to boost sales.

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