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I am really excited about what you’ll be reading today. Why? Because it will empower you . . . strengthen your prospecting, and your relationship building (Customers? Clients? Mentors? Whatever it is, this will help)

You already know: It’s the two Kinds of Email Explained: Here. Now:

  • Cold Emails
  • Warm Emails.

I know what you’re thinking “I know what these are, bullshit . . . who does this guy think he is”. Lol well, I am not here just to define what a Cold email /Warm email is, I am here to explain to you the intricacies of writing a Cold or Warm Email. Make sense?

Check your Inbox!

You’d find an example of each.

A cold email is sent by someone whom you have no prior relationship with e.g. a salesman, maybe even a scammer.

A warm email is the exact opposite. You know them and have a relationship with them e.g. Friend, Family etcetera, etcetera . . .

Check your Inbox!

You’d find at least one example of each. You’d also find that you’d delete or ignore ninety percent of the cold emails. Why? . . .

. . . Because there is a fine line between coming across as a salesman (who has your best intentions at heart) and a rusty scammer.

That line is defined by the skill of COPYWRITING.



By intricacies, I mean the inner workings that work. They’re a lot of things you’ll be advised to dump into your emails but they won’t all work all the time.

First let’s talk about the intricacies of a cold email:

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What is it that makes your cold email get deleted? And those of your competitors commissioned?

I can’t tell you pin-pointedly (I am no wizard), I haven’t seen what you send out in those emails. But this next section will save you a lot of stress because it will cover all the mistakes you’re likely making.


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Now put yourselves in these tight shoes which I am about to describe to you.

A real business tycoon. Has a great family, lovely wife and kids, and loves to make time for them every day. He invests in hobbies that are closest to his heart (golf, tennis, painting . . . etc.). Once each quarter he takes a trip to another country to relax and forget about his business empire.

I don’t know your shoe size, but my feet are hurting. I see a busy man, making the most out of life. Trying his best to avoid frivolities. . .

Basically he’s thinking “Don’t waste my time”.

First off; not everyone will fit that profile. But trust me . . . if in your cold email you make everyone feel that important . . .  you’re going to get good results.

The secret sauce of a good cold email is: Hey, this is very important. But I won’t waste your time. You’re too awesome.

Not necessarily in that order.

See each cold email you send out as an opportunity to make a new friend. Not just a business connection. And do your best to communicate that in your writing.

Who is a friend?

Someone who is relevant to my life is a friend. If I get a cold email from you, and I immediately see Relevance, I will pursue it.

What does a friend do?

A friend provides value . . . often times for nothing other than the luxury of sharing your company. Your email should definitely provide value, and from your heart too. You can even get reciprocity working in your favor and you might get that meeting booked.

What does a friend want (What does he represent)?

A friend wants growth for you . . . and that means, what you call value should be geared toward growth for the reader.

Be a Friend, Do What Friends do, and Have a Friend.


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Warm email recipients are interested. So you have their attention. Lets talk about harnessing it.


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There isn’t much to say here.

To tell you how to relate with someone whom you’ve cultivated a relationship with, is a foolhardy mission. Because you alone know where you stand in the relationship.

But a Warm email still has its do’s and don’ts. By dos and don’ts I mean optimal states for the best results.

I won’t dwell too much here, so just take these few guidelines.

The first guideline I want you to acknowledge is

–Know Where you Stand:

Every relationship we have is different than others. Know who you are talking to . . .

. . . Boss? Brother? A supplier? A customer? A friend? A mentor?

When you consider what kind of relationship, and the values you and your reader share. Your warm email can begin to take shape.

This is even more important when you’re sending out email blasts to a large list.

The next guideline you should take into account is

–Leverage the Importance:

Sometimes, where you stand in a relationship may not help your email’s open rates. So what do you do?

What do you do, when it’s time to take it up a notch?

I recommend you leverage the importance! __make it URGENT__ Show relevance in the headline! And Keep coming back!

Following up and good copy are key here.

The last but not the least guideline I will be recommending today:

–Be Clear

In business, in family, in friendship . . .

 . . . Clear communication is very important, so much so, it can’t be stressed enough.

How do you feel when you receive an email with poor grammar?

Me? Cringe(y).

It doesn’t matter who your warm email goes out to, clarity is everything. No clarity and you just might be ignored.


Any email should be concise, fun, and sweet. Must be EASY to read and make the ready feel significant.

Once it is >>> you’ll have no problem.

P.S: Are your emails not making you enough money? It’s likely you’re leaving out some of these essentials. Contact me Today, we can fix that and set you back on the profit track even if you don’t know where it is.

Author: Uchenna Bede

I write email copy for startups. In order to boost sales.

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