Emails can do all the work so you don’t have to: Here’s how!

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The ecommerce industry is full of hungry customers. And not enough customer relation.

The industry is big! How do you deal with it without email? It’s just don’t possible.

A couple times since I became an email copywriter, I have come across a couple of business owners who write their own copy (some may not have any idea what it is). And not to spite anyone, they don’t think it can get better. To them their messaging is good enough.

Then I tell them about cognitive biases, and domino sales tactics. How their emails should be stationed at critical points in the journey of their buyers. Then they admit they didn’t think email had so much potential and they need my help.

Copywriting is wizardry.

And email copywriting is an act of amplifying that wizardry in the most bizarre outlets —email. I’m not saying it would give you 100% click through rates, or open rates even. Heck some people are on your list to steal your tactics (Like me in some cases.) But as long as you talk to those customers who are loyal to you, the right way; you can get their support most of the time.

Email will help you gather a customer-base. Keep them. And sell them. . .

Where do you come in?

Basically you have no worries once you’ve set up an email funnel. If you know this, do you have what it takes to set up a series of emails that will connect with your specific customers?

One of the most googled terms in email copywriting is — Email automation sequence.

Business owners want to know the best kind of emails that will work for them and how to write them. There’s nothing wrong with that. But like everything free on the internet, it will provide you with generic ideas. Ideas that will connect with every audience and no audience at the same time.

Meanwhile the skill you’re looking for is precise baiting. I.e. giving what your customers need and only that —no layering, no cover on. There can be bonuses, yet it shouldn’t apply to every tom, dick and harry. Then and only then will the power of copy come to life in your business.

 Contact me if you can’t do it alone. I can help you solve the problem specific to you.

Author: Uchenna Bede

I write email copy for startups. In order to boost sales.

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