What did Plato say about Copywriting?

You might have clicked this post out of curiosity. Because it is highly unlikely Plato, as ancient as the name, said something of copywriting. But oh he did.

This Greek philosopher had quite the number of things to say about persuading, and convincing people. But today I only talk about one. The one that is most essential for business owners to abide by in times like this—where competition for the online market share is at an all-time high.

What was it right?

Well. Plato believed in stories. He believed that the road to the soul of all human beings is through story-telling. So much so that one of his famous quotes goes thus:

“Those who tell stories rule society.”

This quote as simple as it is, can be translated into many more empowering forms.

Tell stories or risk being irrelevant

Tell stories or commit the worst crime in marketing: Being Boring.

Tell stories and build strong customer relationships.

Tell stories and rule society. Because stories rule.

Tell stories or lose your edge.

The true power of stories were realized by some of the greatest men to ever walk the earth and they excelled. The best of all, Jesus Christ —who taught his disciples with parables. (It must have been a wonderful time for his listeners. Instead of rebuking them and shoving ideals down their throats, he showed them a better way through story. It worked so well, his teachings created the most popular religion in the world today.)

I urge you, employ the power of stories in your copy. You won’t regret it.

By the way —- I help businesses like yours write email copy that ensures they excel with much less frustrations, if you’re getting frustrated, stop and think . . . wouldn’t you rather work with me?

Author: Uchenna Bede

I write email copy for startups. In order to boost sales.

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