The Hard Truth: Can Copy save you?


Every now and then I get a request to handle an email campaign. And every now and then I find out that the campaign is promoting bad products.

The truth is good copy can do wonders for your baseline, in-fact if you’ve never had a good copywriter before, switching to one can transform your revenue expectations from hundreds to thousands in currency.

But copy is not do and let die. There’s tons of other aspects of your business that you need to take into account, production for example. Because when good copy doesn’t beget good products, you lose your integrity and subsequently your credibility.

And what’s a business without integrity or credibility—dead.

So the answer to the question —can good copy save you? — is tricky. Copy cannot do all the heavy lifting. Copy will bring people to your site maybe even make them buy. But it isn’t all there is.

If you have good products and all you need is a flood of clicks to your site from your email list, but can’t seem to make it work — then work with me. Contact me @ uchennabede18[at]gmail[dot]com, I know for a Fact that you can do wonders with a flood of clicks.

Author: Uchenna Bede

I write email copy for startups. In order to boost sales.

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