Twitter fails to protect its users: Email Continues to Trump Social Media in the digital marketing space.

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If you haven’t heard. . .

Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Kanye West, Warren Buffet, Apple, Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg —at the time of the post — got their twitter accounts hacked, and appropriated in a bitcoin phishing scam.

Every social media marketing evangelist must be having a hard time now. I mean, it’s tragic and all, people actually fell for the scam. But it tells just one thing.

If you do your business on someone else’s platform, anything can happen.

You could get hacked. Or blocked out.

Facebook stopped working for a full day (a few months ago.)

It’s like building on quick sand.

It’s a given though, social media isn’t useless. In fact it’s arguably the most valuable tool for generating leads. But please don’t rely on it for your business. It will fail you at some point — like it did today.

These people hacked tech giants (Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Apple). They are supposed to be the brightest minds in tech and look what happened.

Build your business on your terms, on your turf. Do it with Email.


Stop buying into the idea of security when social media is involved.

I’m out.

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Author: Uchenna Bede

I write email copy for startups. In order to boost sales.

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