Email is the Only Tool You Have To seem Friendly.

The reason selling on email is so easy and fun is this… …Just the way you don’t give out your home address and phone number to strangers. You don’t throw your email address about too. Therefore… You have listening ears. And that’s frankly the most fantastic gift. As long as you don’t misuse the opportunity… Read More

Appeal to Self-Interest. Never Past Favors.

Don’t expect your customers to buy what you’re selling simply because you gave them a free gift. It would only create resistance. And blow up in your face. Humans are political animals. And no matter the sphere_ Business, Sports, War_, we (Humans) are always seeking to further our personal interests. And it’s a major thing… Read More

No Matter What You Do Or Say. You Cannot Control the Minds Of Men.

Men? Yes! Your customers. The people whom you help solve one problem or another. You cannot take away their will. So you’ll just have to bend to theirs à (In order to sell). Understanding, Understanding, Understanding. I just got back from a long day at work and if there’s something I’ve learned these past few… Read More