How the Greatest Salesman of the 21st century agitated problems to make sales.

The man with the most influence in the way we live our lives today (Digitally) was a genius when it came to humanity and what drives it. And very few people ever reach that pinnacle. He knew what we wanted before we did. What was his secret? He must have had a ton of them.… Read More

You don’t need Thousands of words to make Thousands of sales.

This can’t be any truer. Some people barrage their emails with words and turn it into a term-paper. I don’t know about you but I hate reading emails wrapped in term-paper format. They’re full of history no one really cares about. And if your readers are anything like me, you’d want to avoid making them… Read More

One of the things you should do to generate more revenue from your email marketing.

This might be a not so popular opinion. Many many many times. Small business owners worry about being too pushy, and frequent in their emails. And yet envy the success of big businesses. Stop doing that. It’s not good for your mental health. You’re doing the exact opposite of what every big business in the… Read More

Emails can do all the work so you don’t have to: Here’s how!

The ecommerce industry is full of hungry customers. And not enough customer relation. The industry is big! How do you deal with it without email? It’s just don’t possible. A couple times since I became an email copywriter, I have come across a couple of business owners who write their own copy (some may not… Read More


Date Conceived: 29th March 2020. ———————————————————– Everything is evidently slowing down as the Pandemic (COVID-19) is taking its toll on the world. But how has it affected messaging through email? How has it affecting marketing? Are people still buying online like they used to? Email marketing seems to be thriving from where I am standing… Read More