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Avoid Making 4 Common Mistakes in Email Marketing With This Quick and Easy Read

You don’t want to neglect the fundamentals of email marketing and stand the chance of making these 4 common mistakes: Selling Overwhelmingly Inconsistency Lack of Caution Poor Segmentation. To begin; There’s nothing new about the term Email…Marketing. Everyone has heard it, even they who aren’t marketers, or business owners themselves. It’s one of the most… Read More

Explain How Your Business Works In a Way Even a Child Can Understand.

How are you going about selling your goods and services? Don’t tell me it involves loads of Jargon and Big Boy Grammar because that would mean you’ve been playing a losers’ game. Winners can’t win a losers’ game. The language you want to use when selling your goods and services is the simplest—Big Boy Grammar… Read More

Email helps you Keep Your Customer.

Where would internet marketing be without email? It’s incredible that all other channels couldn’t take it out. How have you been leveraging email? Email may be the internet’s killer application but without the right knowledge, you’re not going to get to use its full potential. So what might this “right Knowledge” be? Simple as it… Read More