Email helps you Keep Your Customer.

Where would internet marketing be without email? It’s incredible that all other channels couldn’t take it out. How have you been leveraging email? Email may be the internet’s killer application but without the right knowledge, you’re not going to get to use its full potential. So what might this “right Knowledge” be? Simple as it… Read More

Appeal to Self-Interest. Never Past Favors.

Don’t expect your customers to buy what you’re selling simply because you gave them a free gift. It would only create resistance. And blow up in your face. Humans are political animals. And no matter the sphere_ Business, Sports, War_, we (Humans) are always seeking to further our personal interests. And it’s a major thing… Read More

They say the Internet is saturated. And a Depression is coming for all of us 2020.

I don’t know if you’ve heard this one. But there’s a certain group of people who have been talking about how online business are going to face hard times, come 2020. In fact they say it’s already happening. But let’s not dwell on what “they say”. As their reasons for “saying”: The Internet is getting… Read More

TRUTH BOMB! —Your Ideal Customers aren’t ready to BUY

Its 6:09 am. And while I am waiting for the sunrise, I thought what-the-heck—let’s do something for my readers. The hard part of launching a new product—especially one that hasn’t been heard of before—is that you’re basically alone in your venture. Literally nobody knows what’s goes on in your head. And when you do launch,… Read More