SOCIAL DISTORTION: Pleasure and Happiness.

What are you selling? And how have you been selling it? Majority of the world associate pleasure with happiness, thinking they are one and the same. It can’t be further from the truth. Pleasure is in taking, Happiness is in giving. Pleasure spikes dopamine. Happiness spikes serotonin. The truth is: selling pleasure pulls in the… Read More

Open Loops Make Going Through Your Copy A JOY RIDE.

Open loops create an expectation for more. What could be more essential to making a reader hang on? It’s critical in fact. An open loop creates mystery. And to be solved it must be read all the way. The secret is simple, employ seduction, intrigue, and an air of vagueness to each ending and answers… Read More

Serve—That’s the Job—Don’t Sell! (The Secret To Getting Repeat Customers and Referrals)

What does this mean? –Serving Not Selling. Good question! Do you know, that at any given time: You have a lot of potential customers just tailing you, to know how you treat people. What’s really on their mind is: Are they Selfish or as Selfless as they claim to be? … … Is doing business… Read More

Overcome Objections in the Order in which they’re likely to be raised.

Objections are a must have in any sales offer, and it’s the duty of the copywriter to overcome them. Overcoming objections gives the air of power. How are you reading my mind? —they ask. The challenge may be in the ordering, and it boils down to research and a debunking of the mentality which your… Read More