Hey guys. It’s me. Bede. This is a post by a really good friend of mine Writing David. He’s a seasoned copywriter and a quite the genius.  I thought it would help to know what to expect in the future of your business; thus this history of pandemics. And why you shouldn’t fear. So, enjoy:… Read More

IMPORTANT! The Two Variables That Govern Email Marketing Success.

The secret behind the success of all businesses built around email is that they know how to use these three variables to suit their goals. Now the truth is audiences vary. And it may take some time to know what works for your audience, in the industry you’re working in. But you will inevitably find… Read More

The inciting incident: How to incorporate this principle of storytelling to snatch the hearts of your readers.

The truth is . . . Well, bitter. But that’s not what I’m here to say. I’m here to show you a new world. One that you’ve been locked out off, for so long. A world that will grant you the ability to steal hearts, and take the monies you’ve worked for. The road, right… Read More

Twitter fails to protect its users: Email Continues to Trump Social Media in the digital marketing space.

If you haven’t heard. . . Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Kanye West, Warren Buffet, Apple, Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg —at the time of the post — got their twitter accounts hacked, and appropriated in a bitcoin phishing scam. Every social media marketing evangelist must be having a hard time now. I mean, it’s… Read More

How the Greatest Salesman of the 21st century agitated problems to make sales.

The man with the most influence in the way we live our lives today (Digitally) was a genius when it came to humanity and what drives it. And very few people ever reach that pinnacle. He knew what we wanted before we did. What was his secret? He must have had a ton of them.… Read More